05 September 2010

cleanest of spaces

I am currently obsessing over this. I always have an urge to do something to my room every 2 to 3 months. My mom says it's not good to move things around so often, because when you do, the chi moves as well. I really can't help myself. Seeing the same things in the same place makes me sick and tired. It's like doing the same routine every single DAY. 

Look at this crazy wall art. I suppose that it's like wall paper and you just buy it, and stick on your wall.
material: vinyl // dimensions: 146.5x118 in. // artist: Pierre Marie
Banana Bowl. I wonder if there is an unspoken rule that states you can only use this bowl for bananas.
material: resin and marble // dimensions: 6x13x10 in. // designer: Harry Allen
The pillows on this site are really worth obsessing over. These animal ones range from 24 to 36 dollars.
material: organic cotton // designer: Ross Menuez
These more mature pillows are also designed by the same person, but the price ($48) runs a tad steeper because of the down fill.
all images from AREAWARE

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