06 September 2010

at the end of the tunnel

During my trip to beach on last Thursday, I collected a mother load of beautiful seashells and a few rocks that resembled molten lava rocks. (Who knows? Maybe they were.) I also got very very tan. I'm not against tanning. I always like a little color, but this was just too much. My dark complexion bothers me greatly. It's making me extremely self conscious, so much that I've realized that I won't really leave my room unless it's to use the bathroom or to grab something to eat from the fridge. Yes, I fully comprehend that my actions are a bit excessive. I will definitely discuss this in my next therapy session. As a part of my self improvement process, I decided not to sulk and researched how tanned skin fades and how to fade it. Here's a taste of what I've come across:
+Pulp five to seven strawberries with a fork and spread it onto your skin for ten to fifteen minutes. This lightens and brightens the skin. I don't see what difference there is between lightening and brightening, but okay. I wonder if you can eat the mushy strawberries afterwards. 
+The acids in tomatos are great for fading a tan or just lightening your natural complexion. It is also great for blackheads and oily skin. Rub tomato pulp into your skin for twenty to twenty five minutes. 
+This one seems fun. You can make a daily mask by drying orange peels in the sun. Then somehow make it all powdery and store it in a container. When you actually want to use the mask, mix some of the orange peel powder with milk and rub it into your skin for twenty to twenty five minutes. The vitamin c in the oranges is known for its skin brightening properties apparently.
+Another way is to mix up some salt and lemon juice. Then with your loofah or towel, take your pick, dip it into the mixture and rub it into your skin. Make sure you apply lotion to prevent chafing and dryness after you rinse off.
thrifted Free World jeans // thrifted sheer top

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