04 September 2010

getting back

I haven't had a lot of computer time. I've been indulging in my recent acquisition of seven seasons of Monk. (I'm missing the final season, but I'll get around to buying it.) Currently, I'm watching season four. Anyway, I made my way to Rockaway Beach yesterday. The bordering Hurricane Earl didn't stop me. It was a final day of fun before school resumes. The biggest downside to yesterday's trip was becoming one to two shades darker. I am extremely frustrated by this. It's not alright, but it will be. Winter's a'coming and I'll return to my very normal skin color soon. I am using "soon" very loosely. I don't have too much confidence in what I'm saying. Okay okay, I digress... A LOT. 
Anyway, I've gotten in some computer time today. So many e-mails to read through. I almost... well nothing. I just took my time and read through them. I also deleted my old twitter and made a new one. I had the old account for over a year now and I had 5,000 plus tweets. That overwhelming number was too overwhelming, so I made a new one.
I think I digress again. I guess I just have a lot to think about, so how about some eye candy?
images from online Noritaka Tatehana boutique

Isn't this so beautiful? The color is stunning. The embossed designs are just so appropriate, though I can't say the same about the height. However, if I could afford and wear this, this would be such a worthy item.

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