08 August 2010

what Linda has been up to

The posting has been extremely slow since my vacation started and I apologize for that, even though I doubt an insignificant blog such as this with the sole purpose as an artistic outlet for myself would impact those who read/view my entries.

With my senior high school year approaching at 200 mph, I've been trying to get an art portfolio together so that the colleges don't wonder what the heck I've been doing in my four years of high school as a visual arts major. I very recently, one week ago, decided that I wanted to pursue fashion design along with fashion merchandising/global marketing in college... I learned how to sew a week and a half ago and sewed a lovely dress last week. Two nights ago, I started sketching designs. Hopefully, everything will go well and I get into the college of my practical dreams--F.I.T.: Fashion Institute of Technology. I hear Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes is attending the school this fall. No idea where I actually read that... maybe I was hallucinating. 

At the beginning of my vacation I also started knitting a scarf. After a week I had almost 3 feet, but I want it longer. I've kinda put off finishing it. My bad procrastination habit perhaps? Anyway, besides being holed up in my room, my mom goes on weekly yard sale hunts and every so often I join her on these weekly missions. I've hauled in quite a lot of treasures. Treasures such as a long suede vest, faux coats and old CDs.

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