06 October 2012

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This is what I need around campus. The amount of time I spend looking for my ID is ridiculous. Having this wallet would make my life incredibly easier. No more relocating my credit cards from wallet to jeans' pocket, no more lugging around a handbag to transport my wallet safely, and no more misplacing my ID and phone. This is college campus life simplified. I tried looking around this summer for another carry-all wristlet that was more sophisticated and refined. I had my eye set on a the Sutton-style Coach wristlet, but in the end, we weren't meant to be. I think this wristlet will be the one. Sometimes school is just too stressful and serious. It's good to accessorize with a childish flair. The patterns these wristlets come in remind me of all the cute and pretty things from adolescence.

Vera Bradley

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