05 January 2012

twenty twelve

I seriously cannot believe that 2011 is over. It probably has been the best year of my life. It held six months of my senior year, the three weeks I spent in running around Taiwan with one of my best friends, the first semester of college, and the start of my first relationship. For my sake, I really need to start listing some moments: managing senior art show two, being featured in art show three, snowboarding with one of my friends and her mom, receiving the Stephen Jablonsky scholarship for my work in ceramics, prom, the after prom-party, the crazy sleepover following that party, graduation and the dinner afterwards, that beautiful afternoon at my aunt's country house in Yilan, those multiple trips to "Simon" (Ximending), clouds descending in Alishan, dinner at Red Bamboo with friends, the following sleepover, my best friend and her dad driving me to college, that random late-night drive around Lewisburg with the college friends within the first couple days of college, the beautiful starry sky of rural Pennsylvania, my art hanging in the Post and Lintel Fine Arts Gallery.

Yes 2011, you were very good to me. You marked the start of my legal adult life, and hopefully in 2012, there will be more wonderful experiences, opportunities, and memories.

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