04 September 2011

thank you thank you

None of my friends seem to be able to answer my summer-long question, since they are all moving on to art college and in art college textbooks aren't required, "do I need a backpack for school?" I'll be moving into my dorm next week, and at this point, I am 80 percent sure that I will be need a backpack or just a bag sturdy and large enough to withstand the weight of my books. I've always been very against using backpacks. Most of the time, I feel they just look too elementary. However, once I factor in the health of my back and the limited options, I always end up using one anyway. Every time, I reach for the most rugged one I can find. During my senior year, I used this army green with a brown suede bottom Timberland backpack. My mom found it at a yard sale for five dollars. Heck of a deal, right? Years before, I used a color-blocked deep blue and white, square-ish backpack and Jansport army green one. All in all, backpacks are pretty dependable and come in abundance, but I really would like that to change in college. 
I've been looking for medium sized leather shopping bags and these by Cast of Vices are beyond perfect. Best of all, they totally represent New York City. It would be like having a piece of home when I'm away at college. The big downside is the hefty price tag of $255-265. Maybe I should keep my eyes peeled for something price appropriate.


Clara Turbay said...

i love this bag.

I like so much this blog.


Renee Jennifer said...

that bad is awesome! i love how they turn something so simple into a chic bag.
xx. renee