03 August 2011

college staples

My vacation in Taiwan was one of the best three weeks in my life. It made me realize how much I love the country. I now realize why my relatives refuse to move to the US. Life is so comfortable there. The cost of life, especially, is super low-cost. The Taiwan has such a sustainable, eco-friendly way of life. I truly admire that.

Anyway, it is time to return to reality. 

I will be off to college in three weeks. It is so nerve-wracking. Will I really be able to coexist with a roommate? Am I going to be crushed under the pressure of college work? In "less-important", materialistic aspect... What about my wardrobe?! I'm dwindling on closet staples. Lately, I've been really into simple solid tanks, tees, etc. with unique cuts/shape.
These Muji tees are ohh-so roomy, but have a feminine flair. The crewneck cut is perfect. This would be such a great shirt to throw on for lazy morning classes.
 I recently bought these trousers on sale. I've worn them a couple times already and I love them so much! They're actually the first pair of pants I own in which I can easily tuck my hands in the front pockets. That is a big plus.
Though I don't really consider this a staple, it is just too lovely of a dress to not share. The silhouette, color and texture is just so fantastic! It also comes in purple.
The Harley Davidson El Paso boot is such a dream, isn't it?
Beautiful shirt by Zara
And finally, this is probably one of the best shirts ever...A shirt you don't have to change out of when you wake up late on a school morning. Ahhh, life would be easy peasy with this shirt.

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Kristin said...

A moto boot is a fall must have for me every year!