05 December 2010


 I've been a engulfed in a sea of art history homework and have been an exercise freak lately. I swim two times a week, have yoga on Wednesdays and as of this weekend, tennis on Saturdays. I figure if I set up a busy schedule for myself, I'll keep senioritis away. My senior year consists (right now) of an extremely lax academic schedule, but a lot of art history homework, almost finished college applications, and rigorous exercise regimes. Ever since the girls' swim season ended, I have committed myself to swimming two times a week and other exercises to become fitter and hopefully shed a few extra pounds. I browsed through a lot of spring 2011 collections on style.com and I'm probably going to put together a few more collages once I finish this abundant amount of art history homework. I'm super obsessed with the shoes at Wunderkind and Kenzo. Why aren't there more views?!

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