26 September 2010

Fall Inspiration 04

Oak black hood slouch jumpsuit
Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield gunmetal vivienne tiny studs

Oak taupe broom skirt
La Mer black silver multi-chain watch
Alexander Wang black tasha bandage heel

Oak NYC is one of the best high end stores here if your looking for closet staples. For example, their zip-up jumpsuit, I feel this is THE best lounge piece you will ever find. Just put on your underwear, this jumpsuit and maybe these shoes, and you'll be ready to step out for a day at the library, a walk to the deli, meet-up with some friends or whatever casual date. I also love how Oak matched up a maxi skirt and long johns. Great inspiration eh? Also, thinking about getting those Anna Sheffield studs as an early Christmas present for myself. I'm not exactly dangling-earring girl, but I seem to have an endless supply of dangling earrings. Studs, I feel, are right up my alley of practicality. Plus, the price tag is pretty reasonable. 

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I'm pretty in love with that skirt! The asymmetrical hem reminds me of a Winter Kate dress that I have!