25 May 2010

kick ass footwear

...a snippet of my shoe lust list. 

I don't think that these are the original Balenciaga boots, but it looks to velvety and the heel doesn't look skinny enough. It still is a beautiful knock-off of it.

The Ann Demeulemeester boots that Jane Aldridge has in three colors. Damn, I would be happy if I could even get my hands on/afford a pair.

I bet (IN)DECOROUS TASTE would love these.

I think these are the Louboutin x Rodarte. Correct me if I am wrong.

Judging from the red sole and fine craftsmanship, I'd say this is the work of Christian Louboutin.

self-made wedges by Luxirare... crazy, I want to make a pair this great too.

Jessica Simpson platforms: the pair that Rumi Neely loves, as well as the rest of the lookbook.nu community

pony hair ankle boots, Louboutin

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these shoes are amazing...love the last one shot