24 May 2010

feigned elegance

I finally purchased a dress for my friend's sweet sixteen this coming Sunday. I was originally going to purchase  the orange-pink leopard dress from the Fashion Against Aids H&M collection, BUT it was sold out. All I can say  is that I tried my best. I got there as fast as I could after my job interview on the debut day and it was tragically sold out. I tried on a mother-load of other dresses, but I was blinded by despair. Yes, it sounds extremely depressing, but it was how I felt. Anyway, I realized the next day as I was sitting on the train going to school, that this was the dress I wanted... Great, now this sounds like a cliché love story.


Julia said...

Beautiful dress -- it looks so delicate and classic. I adore neutrals for summer!


.sabo skirt. said...

oh my gosh we love that dress! so detailed and femenine.. and chic! amazing

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xx .sabo skirt.